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Intellectual Property


Mediomics, LLC Currently Holds Patents for These Core Technologies

  1. Bridge-It®, a sensitive and rapid mix-and–measure DNA-binding protein assay platform
  2. PINCER®, a rapid mix-and–measure biosensor, bioassay and biochip platform
  3. Innovative and proprietary methods to screen and develop new high-affinity capture reagents for research, diagnostic, and therapeutic use

Our platform technologies have already been adapted for the detection of a range of important macro-molecules involved in metabolism, immunology, cell biology, and pathogen (bacteria and virus) sensing. Additionally, our products are designed to facilitate the production of biological drugs.


Exclusive Patent License

Mediomics, LLC holds an exclusive, worldwide license (with right to sublicense) for all possible commercial product applications covered by the claims of the issued and pending patents and patent applications invented in Dr. Tomasz Heyduk, Dr. Yie-Hwa Chang, and Dr. David Waisman’s laboratories. This exclusive licensing agreement also provides to Mediomics an exclusive commercial license for all patents relating to the exclusively licensed patents, including any follow-on patents. Currently, Mediomics holds exclusive license for over 40 issued patents and pending patent applications (including any and all related patent filings).



The registered trademarks, Bridge-It® and PINCER® are owned by Mediomics.