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Executive Summary

Mediomics, LLC is a St. Louis-based company founded by Dr. Yie-Hwa Chang. Mediomics holds exclusive, worldwide licenses to patented platform technologies from Saint Louis University Medical Center. These include a DNA-binding protein-based biosensor platform with broad applications for biomedical and industrial research. Recently, a more versatile platform technology, molecular PINCER® was developed. This new technology (PINCER®) will allow the company to develop homogeneous bioassays, unique PINCER®-based microarrays, and biosensors to measure most macromolecules and pathogens. Moreover, this PINCER® technology allows the Company to develop therapeutic molecules mimicking therapeutic antibodies.

Mediomics’ mission is to use its platform technology to develop robust, highly specific and sensitive molecular sensors that can be utilized in research, manufacturing process controls, medical diagnostics and pathogen detection. It will achieve this mission by leveraging government support with private funds to develop and validate the bioassay platform technology for multiple applications. Bioassays will be commercialized directly and through distributors to academic and industry pre-clinical research groups as end-users, and also via collaborations with strategic partners for clinical diagnostics and select market applications.

Since its earliest stage, Mediomics has successfully competed for government SBIR and STTR grants and contracts. It has been awarded nearly $6.5 million to-date, and has utilized these funds to demonstrate applications for these technologies and to develop unique innovative products. Recently, Mediomics moved to its own facility (4,500 sq ft), located at 5445 Highland Park Drive, bordering the St. Louis Community College at Forest Park. The facility is equipped with laboratory equipment sufficient for all work necessary for R&D projects, as well as for producing, inspecting, packaging, and shipping products. Company revenues are experiencing solid growth demonstrating that we understand how to move from discovery to the commercialization phase for our SBIR concepts.

Mediomics recently received three SBIR phase II contracts. The first SBIR contract is to develop an automated in-line analyzer for real time monitoring of the titer and quality of protein drugs. The second one is to develop quick and simple sensors for detecting HCV infection. The third one is to develop engineered antibodies for site-specific detection of protein O-glycosylation.


Intellectual Property

Mediomics is currently developing three core proprietary technologies:

    1. Bridge-It®, a sensitive and rapid mix-and–measure DNA-binding protein assay platform

    2. TRF-PINCER® and FRET-PINCER®rapid mix-and–measure biosensor, bioassay, and biochip platforms

    3. Innovative, proprietary methods to screen and develop new high-affinity capture reagents for research, diagnostic, and therapeutic use

Mediomics, LLC holds an exclusive, worldwide license (with right to sublicense) for all possible commercial product applications covered by the claims of the issued and pending patents and patent applications invented in Dr. Tomasz Heyduk, Dr. Yie-Hwa Chang, and Dr. David Waisman’s laboratories. This exclusive licensing agreement also provides to Mediomics an exclusive commercial license for all patents relating to the exclusively licensed patents, including any follow-on patents. Currently, Mediomics, LLC holds exclusive license for over 40 issued patents and pending patent applications (including any and all related patent filings).



The registered trademarks Bridge-It®and PINCER®are owned by Mediomics, LLC.


Current Products on the Market

Our platform technologies have already been adapted for the detection of a range of important macromolecules involved in metabolism, immunology, cell biology, and pathogen (bacteria and virus) sensing. Additionally, our products are designed to facilitate the production of biological drugs.

Our products are sold on the website and are also distributed in the US and worldwide by Fisher Scientific and additional companies in Canada, France, Japan, India, Italy, South Korea, and Taiwan.


Company Milestones

Mediomics, LCC starts the ISO 9001-2012 and 13485-2008 certification process to continue validating its high-quality products. July 2014.

Mediomics, LLC receives Phase II SBIR grant funding for nearly $1M from the National Cancer Institute to develop engineered antibodies for site-specific detection of protein O-glycosylation. 2013.

Mediomics, LLC is awarded Phase II SBIR grant from NIH to develop an automated in-line analyzer for real time monitoring of the titer and quality of protein drugs. 2012.

Mediomics, LLC Receives Qualifying Therapeutic Discovery Project Award. November 08, 2010.

Mediomics, LLC is awarded Phase II Grant from NIH: Receives more than $1M for Rapid Homogenous Protein Assay Platform Development. July 27, 2010.

Mediomics, LLC Wins Spirit of St. Louis Award. August 21, 2009. “The company’s kits help scientists test for important macromolecules such as biomarkers, bacteria and viruses, as well as generate new biomaterials and create new therapeutic products.”

Martinez Promotes Missouri for Biotech and highlights Mediomics, LLC. May 19, 2009.Mediomics “…is working with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to develop rapid responding agents to detect biothreats…”

Mediomics, LLC is successful at competing for government contract funding to develop quick and simple sensors for detecting HCV infection.

Mediomics, LLC raises $250,000 in revenue. 2008.

Mediomics, LLC moves into self-owned property with 4500 square-foot building. 2008.

Mediomics, LLC is awarded Phase I Grant from NIH. 2008.

Mediomics, LLC launches website to advertise and sell products. 2002.

Mediomics, LLC is established. 2001.