10X KRB-IBMX Buffer



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10X KRB-IBMX Buffer solution is a mixture of a 10X concentrate of Krebs-Ringer Bicarbonate Buffer (KRB) supplemented with a 10X concentration (i.e., 7.5 mM) of 3-Isobutyl-1-Methylxanthine (IBMX) and containing 10% ethanol. A 1:10 dilution of the 10X KRB-IBMX Buffer solution (prepared as described below) is recommended for use in the preparation of cells (either suspension or adherent cells) intended for cAMP analysis using either Mediomics’ Bridge-ItTM cAMP designer fluorescent assay or Bridge-ItTM cAMP all in one fluorescent assay. While the 1X balanced salt solution KRB serves to provide cells with water and essential inorganic ions to maintain pH and osmotic balance, the IBMX is a potent phosphodiesterase inhibitor that will block the degradation of cAMP.

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