Human Albumin TRF-PINCER Assay Kit, 96-well format


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This assay is ideal for quick screening and quantification of human albumin in urine, saliva, culture media, plasma, and serum samples.

Human serum albumin (HSA), 67 kDa, is a non-glycosylated, negatively charged plasma protein synthesized primarily in the liver. Albumin comprises approximately one-half of the blood serum protein. Serum albumin is important in regulating blood volume by maintaining oncotic pressure. It effectively buffers plasma pH. Albumin also serves as a carrier of hydrophobic molecules, including lipid soluble hormones, bilirubin, bile, calcium, and iron. Several low- and high-affinity ligand binding sites on HSA are responsible for the binding of most pharmaceutical drugs. Clinically, serum albumin measurements are used as a diagnostic screen for several disease conditions. Low serum levels are associated with liver damage/cirrhosis of liver, nephritic syndrome, inflammation and malnutrition. High albumin levels usually reflect dehydration.


Product Applications:

  1. Determine protein concentration of biological samples

  2. High-throughput screening of fusion proteins used in drug delivery

  3. Biomarker of kidney or liver damage, malnutrition, dehydration


The protocol for the TRF-PINCER® Assay is simple and fast.


h Insulin Assay Pic


Example of the Standard Curve 

h Albumin Trf std curve

Limit of Detection (LOD): 15.6 ng/mL

CV: <5%


Product Features:

  • Easy
    Mix test sample or standard with the assay solution and incubate at ~25°C

  • Fast
    Read fluorescent signal after 30 minutes of incubation

  • Sensitive
    Assay measures human albumin with an LOD of 15.6 ng/mL.

  • Flexible
    Assay is adaptable to both low- and high-throughput screening formats


Please refer to our technology pages for information on the scientific principles and technological advancements of the TRF-PINCER® assays.

This assay was developed for use in a 96-well plate format.


Customer Publications using Mediomics’ Human Albumin Pincer Assay Kit:

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  2. The PINCER® TRF Assay kit is provided for laboratory R&D use only. This product is not approved by the U.S. Government or by the government of any other country of the world for use in the clinical diagnosis of disease, or trea®ent of disease in humans or animals.

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  4. PINCER® products have been developed with support, in part, from the National Institutes of Health, through STTR Phase I and Phase II Grants.