Human Insulin TRF-PINCER Assay Kit, 384-well format

insulin IHTR-1010-384

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This assay was developed for use in a 384-well plate format. A 96-well format is also available. Please inquire within.


This assay is intended for the rapid screening and quantification of human insulin in culture media.

Insulin is a peptide hormone responsible for regulating the metabolism of glucose and most amino acids in the human body. Insulin plays important roles in human metabolism by controlling cellular intake of glucose, increasing DNA replication, and regulating enzyme activities. Diabetes mellitus develops when the body does not produce enough (Type I) or properly respond to (Type II) insulin. Insulin is measured to monitor the level of endogenous insulin produced by the beta cells, to check for insulin resistance, and to help determine other diseases. Insulin concentration is also measured in insulin injection solutions to ensure the quality of those supplies.


Product Applications:

  1. Monitor human Insulin production in cell cultures

  2. Detect insulin in extract of islets of Langerhans cells

  3. Verify insulin concentration in injection solutions


Human Insulin TRF-PINCER Standard Curve

Limit of Detection: 0.25 ng/ml

Assay range: 0.25 ng/ml – 64 ng/ml

Precision: CV value < 3.5%

Recovery: When human Insulin was spiked into culture medium, the recovery of human Insulin was 100% ± 10%.

Samples: Biological buffers, culture medium

Test format: 384 well plate (96-well format is also available. Please inquire.)

Assay time: 30 minutes

h Insulin Assay Pic


The TRF-PINCER® assay is ideally suited for the rapid, simultaneous measurement of human insulin levels in large numbers of test samples due to its speed and simplicity. It is readily adaptable to the high-throughput screening platforms currently being used in drug discovery research. In comparison to the ELISA procedure, the TRF-PINCER® assay is:

  • Easy
    Mix test sample or standard with the assay solution and incubate at ~25°C

  • Fast
    Read fluorescence signal after 30 minutes of incubation

  • Sensitive
    Assay measures human insulin with an LOD of 0.25 ng/mL

  • Consistent
    Assay eliminates the variability of coated plates and rinse steps

  • Flexible
    Assay is adaptable to both low- and high-throughput screening format


Pricing: The 100-well kit is a one-time trial purchase. For bulk pricing options, please contact us. For any other questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to help!


Please refer to our technology pages for information on the scientific principles and technological advancements of the TRF-PINCER® assays.

Customer Publications using Mediomics’ Human Insulin Pincer Assay Kit:

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  1. PINCER® is a registered trademark of Mediomics, LLC, St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A. Mediomics has a worldwide, exclusive license for this assay platform from Saint Louis University, St. Louis, Missouri.

  2. The Human Insulin TRF-PINCER® Fluorescence Assay kit is provided for laboratory R&D use only. This product is not approved by the U.S. Government or by the government of any other country of the world for use in clinical diagnosis of disease or treatment of disease in humans or animals.

  3. Patents allowed and pending in the U.S. and abroad.

  4. PINCER® products have been developed with support, in part, from the National Institutes of Health, through STTR Phase I and Phase II Grants.

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